NIC, Mandsaur is cooperating in almost all the computerization activities of the district. Some of the major projects are


NIC Mandsaur has implemented Time Limit software for monitoring performance of all the departments of the district. It is running successfully for more than five years.

- It has developed and implemented a web based software on JANSUNVAI on DOT Net framework with SQL Server as backend.

- Provided implementation and training support for BRISC software for bankers and district administration.

- A Web Enabled MIS software is being implemented regarding MP Lokseva Guranttee Adhiniyam .

Video Conferencing

NIC, Mandsaur is providing excellent services for Video conferencing. Per month about 40 to 45 conferences of various departments are being executed.

Web-site Updation

- Web-site of the district is being maintain under approval of the district collector which include various information

dissemination such as exam results, relief beneficiaries etc.

-Maintaining and updating a web-site on world famous Temple of Lord Pashupatinath.

- Supporting execution of various other web-sites such as

Land Records

NIC , Mandsaur has installed the Bhu-Abhilekh software in all the eight tehsils of the district. It is maintaining timely updation and hosting of data on the Server.Besides above the Data Centre software has also been loaded at Land Record Data Center and Khasra reports for any of the tehsils can be given from the district computer centre.

Crop Insurance software (CROPINS) is also running successfully.

Fourth Minor Irrigation Census software has been successfully executed and supported.