Places of Tourist Interest

Tourist Places

Lord Pashupatinath Temple, Mandsaur.

Nalcha Mata Temple, Mandsaur.

Gandhi Sagar Dam, Bhanpura

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Temple of Lord Pashupatinath

Temple of Lord Pashupatinath

The main attraction of Mandsaur is lord Pashpupatinath temple. Pashpupatinath is synonymous name of lord shiva. This artistic effigy is built-up smooth, glowingly dark coppery fiery rock-block. The temple is situated at the bank of Shivna river.

Its weight is 4600 kg. Height 7.25 ft. in curvature and 11.25 ft. in straight. It has 8 heads they are divided in two part. First part in 4 heads on the top and second part in 4 head bottom. Top 4 heads are clear, refined and complete then 4 bottom heads are not refined.

This temple have four doors in the four directions but entrance door is situated in the west. This effigy’s heads which is situated in the west are presenting fearful image of lord shiva. This heads make-up indicate three rasp (relish) which is in bun-shaped hair with poisonous snakes, emerging third eye and opened underlie. In the centre tangled hair are surrounding snakes that is acquainted annihilation omkar (veda mantras symbolizing God almighty)

Nalcha Mata Temple

Temple of Lord Pashupatinath

Nalcha mata temple (3 km from pashupatinath temple)


Gandhi Sagar Park

Gandhisagar Dam is situated at a distance of 168 Km. from the District headquarter. The Dam is constructed on the Chambal River. Foundation stone for the construction of Gandhi Sagar Dam / Power Station in the District was laid by the Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru on the 7th March, 1954. The work was started in 1957 in the power station, while power generation and its distribution commenced in November, 1960. The total expenditure on the construction of  Gandhi Sagar Dam and Power Station was about Rs. 18 Crores 40 Lakhs. The expenditure on construction of  Power Station was Rs. 4 Crores 80 Lakhs.

Gandhi Sagar Power Station is 65 meter long and  56 feet wide.The Power Station has five turbines of 23 M.W. capacity, thus having a total installed capacity of 115 M.W.

The Gandhi Sagar Power Station now supplies electricity throughout the District. Besides meeting the power requirements in the District, electricity from this power house is supplied to such far off places in the Madhya Pradesh and in Rajasthan state.